Peru: youngsters with a farming dream

In the Ayacucho region in Peru, young people are training in agriculture in order to set up their own business. They thus improve their own and their community's living conditions.
since 2018
35,000 €/year
Ayacucho, Peru
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Young entrepreneurs

More and more Peruvian youngsters from families with limited economic means move to the city hoping to start a better life there. Unfortunately, they often end up in even worse living conditions. Since 2007, Solid is doing everything they can to change this. This non-profit organisation provides training in the Ayacucho region in the Peruvian Andes mountain range. One of these training courses is Jovem, which is derived from 'jovenes emprendedores' or 'young entrepreneurs'.

Own business for the community's benefit 

Jovem is a training in farming techniques for youngsters between 15 and 23 in the Ayacuchan Andes. They develop into successful agricultural entrepreneurs thanks to the practical and qualitative farming training. They have farming techniques classes, but also study themes such as entrepreneurship, business management and personal development. After an intensive 2-year training and coaching, they start their own business in the 3rd year. The result? Young people rediscover the force and value of life in the country, they see that they have prospects there and they use their talents for the benefit of the rural community.

© Isabel Corthier - Solid

In the next three years, Collibri Foundation will support half the group that takes the training. In total, 92 young people will thus be able to build a better future.

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