Fiscal donations: 60 % tax reduction

This year you will receive 60 % tax relief (instead of 45 %) on your donation to Collibri Foundation. Do you want to give youngsters more opportunities for a successful future? This is the ideal time!

Covid year support measure

Donations to recognised organisations with a social interest (such as NGOs or e.g. Collibri Foundation) are tax-deductible from €40. Mid June the Belgian government decided to increase the tax deductibility of these donations from 45 % to 60 %. In this way, the government wants to stimulate generosity and boost support to civil society organisations in the context of Covid-19 support measures.

Make a donation to Collibri Foundation

The measure was proposed by the Association for Ethical Fundraising. It found that the corona period is causing difficulties for many associations and foundations that work for the benefit of society and are highly dependent on donations. The measure is also more than welcome for Collibri Foundation. In the past year, we supported more than 6,500 young people in 12 countries through 14 projects. If you would like to contribute with a donation, you can easily do so via the link below.

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