Thanks to your gifts, we could gather 41,628 euros. Thank you!

You were many to round up your checkout receipt to back the education of young people. As promised, Colruyt Group doubles the sum to make a total of 83,256 euros!


A customer rounds up her checkout receipt.

Thank you so much!


From 19 May to 1 June, a considerable number of people participated in the "Round up" action. Thank you for rounding up your receipt to the next euro in your Colruyt, OKay, Bio-Planet, Dreamland or Dreambaby store. Thanks to your gifts, we gathered 41,628 euros to back educational projects of the Collibri Foundation. And that's not all... Colruyt Group doubles the amount to make a total of 83,256 euros!


"By supporting the education of young people, I can help them build a better future"

- Marijke, customer at Colruyt Waregem

Better future perspectives for more than 9,350 youngsters

All over the world, young people in challenging situations do not have the opportunity to take training courses. Thanks to your contribution, we can help them by backing concrete educational projects in Belgium and abroad. An example? The Debateville project, which organises after-school workshops in Brussels to enable young people to improve their oral expression and to formulate their opinion.

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Young people learn to express themselves in fun workshops

"I always give the information flyer to our customers, so they understand what we do with their contribution and are happy to participate in the action"

- Tommy, sales employee at OKay


A store co-worker proposes to round up the customers' receipts.

Backing Collibri all year long

Did you know? Even when the action stops, you can always round up your receipt at the checkout or pay a contribution of 1, 2, 3 or 5 euros at the checkout of your Colruyt, OKay, Bio-Planet, Dreamland and Dreambaby store. Simply mention it to the co-worker at the checkout. If you want to contribute more to educational projects, you can also make a donation into the foundation’s bank account. You can find more information below.


Together, we offer better future perspectives to more than 9,350 young people by means of 17 projects in 11 countries. This is how we contribute to a better society, step by step.

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