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Education for young people is the focus in all our projects. We also strive for an exchange between our country and the South as much as possible. We support a maximum of 10 projects by organisations at a time. Before we consider a project, it needs to meet several criteria.

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Collibri Foundation helpt Brusselse scholieren hun talenten ontwikkelen met BOOST.

Target group 

We mainly support vulnerable young people between 0 and 25. Within this, the focus lies on young people between the ages of 16 and 25. For children between 0 and 12 we mainly want to improve the quality of education by providing teachers with extra training and better infrastructure. We primarily support young people from the age of 12 onwards through scholarships and/or individual support.


We support projects in both Belgium and the South. In Belgium we work together with the King Baudouin Foundation, among others. For the South, we use the Human Development Index by the United Nations. We focus on countries with a low score. We also choose regions where Colruyt Group can start sustainable chain projects. This way, we want to also promote economic and social development in the region.

Collibri Foundation steunt rijstboeren in Benin.

Approving a project

We first evaluate project proposals internally. If they meet the criteria mentioned above, we introduce them to the Management Committee. In consultation with the King Baudouin Foundation, this committee decides whether they will financially support the project.

The committee members are:

  • Chairman Guido Gryseels – Royal Museum for Central Africa
  • Luc Tayart de Borms – King Baudouin Foundation
  • Jef Colruyt - Colruyt Group
  • Jo Willemyns – Colruyt Group 
  • Stefan Goethaert - Colruyt Group
  • Hervé Lisoir (King Baudouin Foundation)
  • Mieke Vercaeren - Colruyt Group
  • Geert Vyls - Colruyt Group


Each year, we evaluate projects on the basis of key performance indicators (KPI). This evaluation is done in collaboration with the partners involved. The evaluation is reported to the Management Committee. This committee convenes at least twice a year.

Colombiaanse jongeren vinden werk in de koffiesector dankzij Collibri Foundation.

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